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Chapter 6


TNT Basic requires a PowerPC Macintosh with at least 64Mb of RAM.
TNT Basic runs on iMacs like a dream!

Mac OS
TNT Basic requires Mac OS 8.6 or higher, we recommend at least Mac OS 9.21.

Mac OS 8.6 Note
If you run TNT Basic on Mac OS 8.6, you must have CarbonLib 1.25 or higher installed in your extensions folder. You can download this from Apple's website.

Please note that integrated help does not work under Mac OS 8.6 and help is not searchable from the Help Viewer. Sorry, we think it's just because Help Viewer is too old on Mac OS 8.6.

Mac OS X
TNT Basic does run on Mac OS X, however we have not finished optimising for Mac OS X yet, meaning that it runs slower under Mac OS X than it does under Mac OS 9.

TNT Basic input commands do not currently work under Mac OS X, however, this will be rectified shortly.

Mac OS X compatiblity is a priority for us.

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