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Chapter 3.4

The Sounds

Sounds Section

sounds section
The sounds section of a TNT Basic Project
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The sounds section is where you compose the sound effects for your game. It is similar to the graphics section in that it has two tables, the left most one showing all the sounds in your project and the right most one showing all the sounds in the current sounds bank.

Like an image bank, a sound bank is simply a list of sounds from the left hand table. It is used to collect sounds together into groups that can be unloaded and loaded as one. This means that you need not have all the sounds in your program loaded into memory at the same time, you need only load the ones you need.

Creating New Sounds

You can create new sounds by selecting the left-hand table and then choosing "Create new sound..." from the resource menu. You can then choose a sound file to import the sound from. You can also copy and paste, or drag and drop sounds from the Finder or other applications. Hieroglyph can currently import all sound formats supported by QuickTime, including: AIFF, AIFC, WAV, QT-Movie sound tracks, CD-Audio and System 7 suitcase sounds.

There's probably even more that can be imported that I don't even know about!

Once imported, you can play the sound by double clicking on it. Click the mouse to stop the sound while it is playing.

Editing the Sound Banks

You can add sounds to the sound banks by dragging them from the left-hand sounds table. There are no additional settings for sound entries hence there is no "Sound Info" palette.

Similarly to the graphics section, you can have multiple sound banks. You can switch between existing sound banks and create or delete sound banks from the sound bank popup menu at the top of the screen.

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