Coding is the process of programming the computer to do what you want. In order to get any graphics, sound or input working some code is required to instruct the computer what to do with them.

Creator Code

The "creator code" is a unique four letter code that is used to identify your game. It need only be specified when using advanced features such as networking or input banks.

You set the creator code from the "Info" panel of your project in Hieroglyph. If you are not using input banks or networking you can leave it blank.

Image Bank

An image bank is a collection of pictures that can be used as images for sprites. They are usually grouped together in this way because they because they are connected in some way (e.g. all the frames of animation for a charater walking or a spacecraft turning etc.)

A sprite can be set to use images from a certain bank and then a specific image from that bank can be used for that sprite easily.


A procedure is a section of code that is separate from the rest of the main body. It can be called from other points in the code in order to execute it. e.g.

' Main Body of the code
' Procedure Definition
Procedure PrintDouble(int x)
    print x*2
End Proc

In this example, the code that is written inside the body of PrintDouble will be executed at the point from where it is called. This example also shows the use of variable passing with procedures.

The procedure definition must be placed after the end of the main body of code.


Sprites are graphics (pictures) that can be moved around the screen.  They are frequently used in games (spaceships, bullets and characters are all usually sprites) because they can be moved around quickly and easily and can be any shape or size.

TNT Basic has in-built support for sprites and allows you to do special effects with them too.


A TNT Map is a large map made up of small tiles (images) which can be built to make a big picture. Since it is a big picture made of small pictures it uses less memory and can be used in games for backgrounds.

TNT Maps can be created easily in TNT Basic by clicking on the maps tab in the editor and creating a map resource.