Set String Editor Cursor

Sets the position of the string editor cursor


Set String Editor Cursor (index)


The string editor allows you to take key presses from the user and use them to edit a string of text in a similar manner to a word processor. An overview of the string editor can be found in the String Editor section of the Keyboard Input Guide.

This command sets the index into the current string editor contents of the text insertion point where newly typed characters will appear to index.

A cursor index of 0 means at the beginning of the string, 1 is after the first character, 2 is after the second and so on. The index passed is automatically clipped to a valid range, if you set it to a really big number it will place the index at the end of the string editor.

You can read the current string editor cursor index with String Editor Cursor.

See also the String Editor Contents, String Editor Cursor and String Editor Input commands.

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