Set Framerate

Changes the maximum frame rate


Set Framerate Max
Set Framerate fps


Sets the maximum frame rate to the specified frames per second (aka FPS). The Max parameter can be specified to force TNT Basic to always draw as fast as it can.

The Draw Frame command will slow down or speed up in an attempt to match the specified frame rate as much as possible.

The default frame rate is 60.

    The maximum frame rate may not be achievable for a number of reasons:
    1 If your graphics are very demanding then the Mac may not be able to draw the frames fast enough.
    2 If you have VBL syncing on (see VBL Sync) then waiting for the VBL can cause lower than expected framerates.

    Note: If VBL syncing is on then the highest possible framerate is the refresh rate of the monitor.

    Caution: Using the Framerate Max command can cause your framerate to vary wildly from Mac to Mac.

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