Scale Sprite

Starts a sprite scaling


Scale Sprite spriteNum, xScaleDelta, yScaleDelta, speed


The 'Scale Sprite' command sets sprite spriteNum scaling at a specified speed for xScaleDelta units in the x-axis and yScaleDelta units in the y-axis. Once it has started scaling it will continue to do so until it reaches the final size, or you issue it another scale command.

1 unit is equal to the sprite's original (unscaled) size. The deltas are relative amounts and are added to the sprite's current scale values.

The speed is specified in units/frame. For example passing 1 means scale the sprite up to the final size at a rate of 1 unit per frame. If you pass in a negative number as the speed, this is instead interpreted as the number of steps to complete the scale in. For example, passing -5 means complete the scale in 5 equal steps, no matter what the deltas are.

To test if a sprite has finishing scaling use the Sprite Scaling function.
To stop the sprite before its scale finishes, issue another sclae command with 0 for the x and y deltas.

See also:
The 'S'cale moan program function.

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