Raw Key Scancode

Extracts the scancode from a raw key


scancode = Raw Key Scancode (rawkey)


Takes a rawkey as returned from the Keyboard Raw Key command and extracts the keyboard scancode from it.

Each key on the keyboard has a unique identifier called its scancode. This is independent of what modifier keys were being held when the key was typed, unlike the character part of the raw key (see Raw Key Char) which is derived from both the scancode of the key and the modifier keys.

A listing of all the scancodes and the keys they belong to can for a US/UK keyboard can be found on the Pressed commands help page. The scancodes will be the same for keyboards from different countries, although the characters produced by those keys might be different, due to differing keyboard layouts.

For more information on raw keys and working with the keyboard please refer to the Keyboard Input Guide.

See also the Keyboard Raw Key, Raw Key Char, Raw Key Modifier and Raw Key Ascii commands.

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