Raw Key Char

Extracts the character from a raw key


charString = Keyboard Raw Char (rawKey)


Takes a rawkey as returned from the Keyboard Raw Key command and extracts the character from it and returns it as a string.

You can use this to read what a user is typing into your program.


int        rawKey
str        char
Print "Type some letters!"
    Wait Key Press
    rawKey = Keyboard Raw Key
    char = Raw Key Char (rawKey)
    if char <> ""
        Print "You typed ";char
    end if

For more information on raw keys and working with the keyboard please refer to the Keyboard Input Guide.

The String Editor can also be used as an easy way to let people enter text into your program.

See also the Keyboard Raw Key, Raw Key Scancode, Raw Key Modifier and Raw Key Ascii commands.

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