Raw Key Ascii

Extracts the ascii code of the character from a raw key


asciiCode = Raw Key Ascii (rawKey)


Takes a rawkey as returned from the Keyboard Raw Key command and extracts the ascii code of the character from it.

More information on the character contained in a raw key on the Raw Key Char page, and more information on the meaning of ascii codes can be found on the Ascii Codes Explained page.

The 'Raw Key Ascii' command is equivalent to getting the character from a raw key and then getting that character's ascii code.


int rawkey = Keyboard Raw Key
str char = Raw Key Char (rawkey)
int asciiCode = Char to Ascii (char)

For more information on raw keys and working with the keyboard please refer to the Keyboard Input Guide.

See also the Char to Ascii, Ascii to Char, Keyboard Raw Key, Raw Key Scancode, Raw Key Modifier and Raw Key Char commands.

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