New Button

Creates a button


New Button id,x,y,image,overImage,downImage
New Button id,x,y,image,overImage,downImage,bank


This command creates a button on the screen which can then be tested for clicks using the Wait Button Click command.

id is the index of the button to create. This can be any value.

x and y are the co-ordinates in the screen for the button to be placed.

image is the normal image of the button. The button is drawn using this image when the mouse cursor is not above the image.

overImage is the image to display when the mouse cursor is above the button.

downImage is the image to display when the button is being pressed down by the user.

bank is the image bank to obtain the images from. This must have been loaded using the command Load Images otherwise the button will not be drawn. If this is not specified then the default bank is used.

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