Scales sprites attached to a moan channel


S xScaleDelta, yScaleDelta, speed


Scales all sprites on a channel by a relative amount of xScaleDelta in the x-axis and yScaleDelta in the y-axis, at a speed of speed units per frame. If speed is negative, it is seen as the number of steps to complete the scale in.

The deltas are relative amounts, which are added to the overall scaling of the sprite.

For example:

"S 1,1,0.1"

Means scale up by 1 units in the x and y axis at a speed of 0.1 units per frame.

NB: 1 unit is equal to the original (unscaled) size of the sprite. So scaling up by 1 unit means to make the final size the current size plus the sprites orignal unscaled size.
If this particular scale command was ran on an unscaled sprite, it would end up being 2 units in width and height, ie twice its original size.

"S -0.5,-0.5,-1"

Means scale down by 0.5 units in the x and y axis in 1 step (ie one frame).

"Begin: Scale 1.0, 0, 0.3; Scale -1.0, 0, 0.3; Jump Begin"

Means scale the sprite up in the x axis by 1 unit at a rate of 0.3 units a frame, then scale it back down by the same and repeat forever.

See also the Scale Sprite command.

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