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Hardware Support?
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01-16-2002 18:35

Posted by:

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Does TNTBasic have hardware support?
I noticed no diffrence when switching my ATI Rage Pro to a Voodoo 5...

01-16-2002 19:34

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Hardware Support would be cool.

01-17-2002 05:28

Posted by:

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No hardware support yet.

If it had it you would probably notice bilinear flitering...
aka smoothing of textures.

NOW why do you think hardware would be a cool

01-17-2002 14:52

Posted by:

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My answer to that is:
And features like fast antialiasing(when scaling is supported).

01-17-2002 15:41

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Speed ok good.

Planning for the future.
BTW under X rage pros have no hardware support.

antialiasing: I think that is ONLY for edges on most cards. So do you mean binliniar and triliniar filtering.
AKA texture smoothing?

01-17-2002 17:52

Posted by:

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Ops, sorry.

Of course its only for edges... I was not thinking right when I wrote that :p

I think speed is a good reason for implenting it.

01-19-2002 10:39

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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Hardware support

Are you guys talking about using open GL or something for rendering the sprites? Is that what you mean by hardware support?

Obviously all blits to screen are already hardware accelerated through CopyBits, but if you're talking about something else that I'm missing, please enlighten me!

As for OpenGL sprites, it's not a quick fix, it would take time. I believe Bang! does it, and WingNuts, but it raises issues such as texture transferal for sprite images and we may have to limit the number of images that can be loaded in a bank at any one time or something. Not sure - jut pondering :)


01-21-2002 07:34

Posted by:

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> open gl for sprite?


>Obviously all blits to screen are already hardware accelerated through CopyBits

Err... nope... Only on some machines are
blitts accelerated. But most newer machines are
and the speed is good... at least for full screen blits...

> Open GL Sprites.

BANG! willsupport RAVE, Open GL,

For best performance on older macs.. like a rage pro
Textures are a max size of 256x256.
I think all cards after that can handle bigger textures.

Under RAVE you make your own texture cacheing system.

Under Open GL I think that all textures are loaded into system ram and then GL takes care of cacheing them on the screen.. Meaning the user could probably use a lot of art work with no problems.. its only when a lot of it needs to be on the screen at the same time and thus should be in video ram that a cache faults would happen. Basically this means it is mostly up to the game designer to test there games and follow somthin basic rule then it is for TNT to worry about.

Really you would find using Rave or GL for 2D to be really easy and could be added very quickly.

BTW I think sprite world has GL and RAVE support now
and I have RAVE sprite samples I could send you.

01-21-2002 12:01

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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Hmm... we'll have a look into this OpenGL thing. I'm thinking of avoiding RAVE because (IIRC) it's an OS 9 only technology and there's no further development being done on it. So I'm thinking of just following Apple's lead onto OpenGL.

As for my all encompassing statement about the hw accel provided by copybits, you are of course correct, thanks for clarifying that.

Cheers for the other info too!


01-21-2002 15:32

Posted by:

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There is a case for RAVE support.

1. It is really easy to do...
Like an hour...

2. RAVE runs faster then Open GL on older machines.

3. Open GL for X does not support Rage Pro chip set
with hardware acceleration. Funny I think it does under OS-9 but then it would only run in 32bit texture mode...
unless they fixed that... made GL way slow.

4. So im my mind there are an awful lot of old iMacs
in the world running 9 that can run TNT games just fine.

Also on a Rage Pro you might get better speed from your software blitters :)

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