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03-20-2004 18:03

Posted by:

norfolk, england

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does anyone know how to program a plasma effect?

or give hints or advice


03-20-2004 18:37

Posted by:

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what is a plasma effect? what do you want?

03-21-2004 00:14

Posted by:


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plas·ma     P   Pronunciation Key  (plzm) also plasm (plzm)
1)The clear, yellowish fluid portion of blood, lymph, or intramuscular fluid in which cells are suspended. It differs from serum in that it contains fibrin and other soluble clotting elements.
2)Blood plasma.
3)Medicine. Cell-free, sterilized blood plasma, used in transfusions.
4)Protoplasm or cytoplasm.
5)The fluid portion of milk from which the curd has been separated by coagulation; whey.
6)Physics. An electrically neutral, highly ionized gas composed of ions, electrons, and neutral particles. It is a phase of matter distinct from solids, liquids, and normal gases.

It would be funny if you used definition number 5 and made a skim milk effect. I'm guessing you're not going to do that though. Take a look at metroid fusion or super metroid. Just make it some kind of electrified beam, with the electricity going around it like the stripes of a barber pole.

03-21-2004 02:58

Posted by:

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well then i guess you'd make a particle system with three differnt kinds of particles. there's a sample of particle systems in the directory that you could look at.

you could probably do it some other way, but i don't know how you want the effect to look.

03-21-2004 10:24

Posted by:


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One useful effect is to have a series of flat shaded, semitransparent circles in whatever colour that are created at the point where your invisible projectile is every time your program cycles. It looks as if when the projectile moves, the circles follow, but here's the clever thing - they shrink and gradually dissapear as they get older, so you end up with a nice energy-contrail effect. It's less proccessor intensive than a proper particle system and a tad easier to program.

03-22-2004 08:54

Posted by:

Venice, ITALY!

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hey, I'm now playing a game for the PC called "blade" by some japanese guy: you can find it at

if you have a PC: it's one of the best I ever played: the amazing thing is that it is a marvellous game with great graphics, it is only a 3 MB download and you can play it with old pc's.

Ah, the topic... well if you do a special move you get a great "plasma effect": that is a sort of colourful gas around the blade with different tonalities (brighter in the center).

My guess is that a way to do it is to make say 10 semi-transparent (very transparent actually) sprites (say yellow/blue circles) that move one around the other creating an effect of dynamic transparency, i.e some zones are more transparent (when few sprites overlap) and some more dense (when (in the center), many circles overlap

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