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02-20-2004 00:38

Posted by:

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in terms of peformance, is their any difference between the following:

sprite col (testSprite, fromSprite to Sprite)


for i = fromSprite to Sprite step 1
sprite col (testSprite, i)
next i

i'd imagine that the top is just shorthand for the bottom, but who knows?

02-20-2004 12:27

Posted by:

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You'd be right.

02-20-2004 13:02

Posted by:


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Not exactly. Basically the less you write in your code window, the faster the game will run, since TNT is running like an emulator and is parsing and translating everything it sees. Using your first example would be quicker since tnt only has to get the drift of one statement rather than three in a loop, and will probably pass the proccesing into it's own code for handling a series of collisions which will be in machine code and invariable faster than writing things out in the interpreter. Hope that makes sense.

02-20-2004 16:35

Posted by:

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i said "who knows?", not "who can make a conjecture?"

but it doesn't matter anyway because i need the "i" variable, and as such i need the for loop version. i was just curious anyway.

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