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01-16-2002 13:18

Posted by:

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Excellent product consider its youth! Here's my list of future features I'd love to see implemented:

- Program interruption trapping: i.e. prevent ESC key termination. This will make TNT Basic apps more professional:

- Ability to print source code! The need is obvious

- Sprite scaling: this is useful for many effects

- Sprite Tracking: allows one sprite to track another - makes it easier to develop "smart" bombs and the like

- Sprite Patterns: allows one or more sprites to follow a pre-defined pattern, which makes it easier to program certain types of games

- Optional Windows and Menus: Why? Quite a few games don't need the full screen or full CPU and having them in Windows allows the user to hide them, etc. like any other Mac app

- Custom Dialogs and Alert boxes: Will make getting user input in games easier

- Keyboard input similar to a inkey$ function: this will make collecting user input for things like High Score Tables easier

- Custom Mouse pointers

- High Score Table routine: a pre-canned routine, complete with file saving would simplify a lot of development

- Center Text function (I know, easy to write) but you already have pre-canned Upper and Lower case functions

- A starfield command (again, saves work)

04-23-2002 05:38

Posted by:

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high scores routine

Hi, I noticed you suggested something to simplify dealing with high scores. Well, its certainly not quite as slick as a dedicated function would be, but I just submitted an example TNT project to that provides high scores functionallity (just copy the procedures into your project and use the DrawHighScores and UpdateScores procedures to manage your high scores). Keep your eyes on basicallyreal for the high scores example.

Hope this helps.

04-23-2002 07:59

Posted by:
James Rhodes

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re: submission of file

For some reason Apple's email has been down for 6 hours. Please send the file to me at in the meantime until they bring their email server back up.

Thanks btw,


p.s. Can't wait to see your example... :)

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