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01-15-2004 03:33

Posted by:
denis caspar


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I read carefully today the "Introduction to Moan" and i want to now if many Tnt programmers are using often this interesting langage, and if possible, find some good exemples of using Moan.I'm not a very good programmer, is this language complicated to use?(registers are totally abstract for me) Give me hope!!!

01-15-2004 04:03

Posted by:


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Moan simply applies a set of commands to a sprite every frame.

Personally, I find it much easier and more flexible to simply write a procedure for handling sprites which is run before every Draw Frame anyway. However, it may be useful to beginners, perhaps, and in very simple games. There were a few things I couldn't figure out about Moan myself.

01-18-2004 08:55

Posted by:


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Moan is a very effective way to create movements of sprites which you don't have to take care about. Imaginge any kind of monsters in a game. Most monsters follow certain paths, like left-right, up-down (or both combined), or a certain path trough a maze. You set up the moan-program one time and then assign it to a sprite. The sprite then moves the given path and you don't have to do anything more for it. That saves headache.

You can use moan everytime a certain movement or animation (cycling change of look of a sprite during time, i.e. PacMans mouth opening and closing while he moves) is given. Set up the moan-code, run it and care about other things.

Moan can also be used for a variety of effects, since you can apply a moan-program to different sprites. Let's say you create a "snowflake" type movement moan program. Then just set up a lot of snowflakes on the screen and assign the moan-progr to them. Bang, that's it, "snowflakes are dancing" (Claude Debussy), no need to take care of that snow at all during the game. That makes programming a lot easier.

But if you're new to coding, first start with some easy things, set up a sprite and move it with cursor-keys. Then try the map-things. Sound & music are very easy, also the buttons. Make a simple game, like a maze with some treasures. Later add monsters or other things.

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