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graphic section (two suggestions to work more efficient)
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12-10-2003 18:49

Posted by:


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My compliments to TNT Basic. It was really the thing i was looking for.
I uses realbasic before (also very good and professional), but it became to slow for my game. Now i'm getting enough frames per second, no matter what i do.

I have a few suggestions for improving the hieroglyph, it's about the
graphic section.

1) I work with more then one image bank. Everytime i switch back to the code section the image bank is resetting itself to the first image bank.
Very often i work with the last image bank and i have to reselect the
image bank i wanted. It would be nice to let hieroglyph remember the
last image bank the user was using....

More people with me ?

2) Also the graphic section, it's about the "imaga info" window. It most
times it stands before my pictures and i have to relocate the window to
a corner of the monitor (my preference). For many times it stays there, when switching to code section or what ever..
But when you save something or imported new graphics... It's resetting itself to the first position, so i (again) have to relocate it.
It would also be a nice thing that hieroglyph keeps this always in mind.

No big problems... but just a few hints for improvement...
In my opinion (but i could be mistaken) it would not be a mayor problem to make the adjustments ?


12-10-2003 22:13

Posted by:


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Yes, I agree, having Heiroglyph remember the last image bank used would be nifty.

Speaking of which, if an image bank has been edited, and you try switch to a different image bank, the save changes dialog comes up, and lets you save your changes, but it doesn't actually end up switching the image bank. This isn't really a major problem either, just something that annoys me.

01-01-2004 19:15

Posted by:
Mark Tully

TNT HQ, England

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Good suggestions, I've added them to the todo list.


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