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Ceiling for variables
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11-23-2003 01:52

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Is there any actual hardcoded limits on the number of variables\arrays a game can have? I want to know whether an invincible bug I have somehow created is actually not my fault. And besides, I am just curious to know what the TNT engine can do. So any maximums there are (like number of sprites, images, sounds in a bank, and variables too...) would be greatfully recieved.

11-24-2003 22:50

Posted by:
Mark Tully

TNT HQ, England

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The main limit in TNT Basic is that your project cannot in total be more than 16mb. This is a limitation of the mac resource file format that TNT Basic uses for projects. I'm currently working on getting rid of this by moving to another format.

Variables, sounds, images etc are limitted only by memory - and of course the fact that you can't have more than 16mb of data.



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