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Need multiple source files
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11-21-2003 12:47

Posted by:

Venice, ITALY!

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Hmm... I'm havin some problem editing my 6890 lines game... When I paste something or undo, or other things, Hyerogliph takes quite a bit...

There should be a way to divide the code into more files, maybe(?). Actually I personally do not know how it works, since my programming knowledge is very weak, but I suppose you could keep some procedures in a file, someother in another and when a program is run TNT gets from both.

11-21-2003 18:32

Posted by:

Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)

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Hmm, that would be usefull.
I'm hitting the 4k line mark in my game, and its getting almost too long to keep track of...

Having multiple files would be better for organization, e.g. Having a sperate file for single player missions, another for multiplayer games, etc.

11-23-2003 10:55

Posted by:


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Quite right, that would be somewhat useful.

I'm seeing it more from the point of view that if you could load code from a seperate file, you could make updates to your game, and most of the time, only require your game's users to download a few-kilobyte updated source file which would be the update instead of the actual, large, game.

You could also (really easily) make mods for your game.

However, I still really think that loading tmaps from a seperate file is more important. (For the ability to download extra levels etc)

11-24-2003 22:56

Posted by:
Mark Tully

TNT HQ, England

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I agree this would be a very useful thing to have. It's been on the todo list for a while now.


12-10-2003 18:30

Posted by:


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Perhaps a new hieroglyp window with the list of procedure's would be the idea, where the user can make subdirectories...
for example

moving sprites (map)
- procedure moving player
- procedure moving enemy
- procedure moving enemy bullit
- procedure moving bonusitem

When the user clicks on the procedure in the window, he will be imidiately relocated there.
It would be helpfull for us to coordinate procedures in big programs...

The "P" button below the code is a good start...


12-26-2003 11:57

Posted by:


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I think the best solution for this would be to have a window with the list of procedures (alphabetically sorted) and when clicking one of them a new window with the code appears, ready to edit. This way we could always find any part of the code easily, the code in one window would be small enough and we could even compare two parts of code easily. The internal handling of the code-text could still be one large textfile.

How about that?
(BTW that's what I did with my METALmaker, an editor I wrote for METAL because the built-in one annoyed me too much with long code).

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