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01-06-2002 17:33

Posted by:

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1) drag and drop images into the resource bank
2) windowed graphics mode
3) be able to adjust the width/height of an image through code

im sure u have gotten these before but these are some features that i really wanna see in tnt basic.


01-07-2002 00:53

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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Some good ideas there:

1) I keep meaning to implement this. It would be in a general form that would allow you to Drag and Drop music files into the music pane, graphics files into the graphics pane and sound files into the sounds pane. One day.... :)

2) Windowed graphics mode, sounds like a good idea at first, but what would you actually use it for?

How often do you want to edit your game while it is running?
Or do you just want the option of playing your creations in a window for some other reason?

Justify it to me and we'll add it to our to do list.

3) Do you mean scaling of images?

Thanks for the ideas Brett!


01-07-2002 02:46

Posted by:

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i want windowed so i can make games that can be played while doing somthing else. alot of times if i game duznt take up much space it is just easyer to make it in a window. like a tetris game, full screen is overkill and if there is a window it can be played while waiting for a friend to come on instant messanger or something. also if there is a windowed mode it makes it easyer to switch to other apps while leaving the game running.

and about the width and height, not really scaling but like for a life bar, so i can use one image and just ajust the width to the amouse of life, this way i do not need to make multiple imagesm i only need one. thx for ur time


01-07-2002 23:48

Posted by:

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Windowed graphics...

1. End users might want it.

2. So you can run a proper debugger.
Constant res switching while your debug
would be a pain.

3. So you could run or debug accross two
monitors at once..

4. Cause B! has it ;-)

01-16-2002 19:11

Posted by:

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Yeah, I think a Windowed option for your games would be cool! And for me, because I'm paranoid that if my 1024x768 res gets switched to 640x480 one more time it's gonna explode! And it's cool playing a game while IMming or surfing or doing a report. Or just to have the option to do it.

I hear that LCD Displays can get degraded if used too much at a non native resolution.

01-18-2002 13:29

Posted by:
Richard McKeon

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I really don't see how that can happen. An LCD can only actually display at its native resolution, so to use a lower res, the image is actually scaled before it is displayed on the screen. For the actual display itself, there is absolutely no difference between a 1024x768 screen and a 640x480 screen that's been scaled up to 1024x768.

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