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11-06-2003 17:05

Posted by:
Jan-Willem Sipkes


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Hello, i'm new to TNT and i haven't even started.
I'm a realbasic user and love to make 2D space shooters.
I have problems with getting high fps, (so there are somethings i can't do because everything will be to slow)
Now i have a question for you....

What can i expect when i make a game with TNT, how many frames
per second with (let's say) 100 sprites on 640-480 display ?
Will i have the same problems with TNT, or is it much faster...

Is there a limitation of sprites. (how large can it be, how many?)

Anyone familair with the diffenence programming in TNT and realbasic ?


11-06-2003 17:34

Posted by:

Champaign, IL

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Hello there from a long time RealBasic programmer (yeah, for a living...)

TNTBasic is FAR SUPERIOR for SpriteSurface-type games. You will achieve a much higher frame rate than with RB.

One of the biggest reasons for this is how you set up your sprites. In RealBasic, every time you change the image of a sprite, RealBasic does all this thinking about the mask, the collision mask, etc.
With TNTBasic, you have to do all that work up front when you make your Sprite Image Bank. That means the program doesn't have to do it during gameplay.

With TNTBasic, you can use hardware mode and get some cool scaling / rotation thrown in there to boot. There are tutorials for doing this with RealBasic, but with TNT it's just EASY and fast.

With TNTBasic, making a networked game is SUPER simple compared to RB.

TNTBasic's resource editor, Heiroglyph, makes it MUCH easier to make tile-based maps for your game.

Blah blah blah...
RealBasic is a FINE product. But, the SpriteSurface and even the 3DSurface seem to be "cool toys" they threw in but are not committed to perfecting.

Welcome to TNTBasic... If you get stuck on the non-object oriented nature of this product, just give a holler on this board. Screw OO for this type of programming, I say... keep it simple.


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