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01-06-2002 03:14

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Speaking from complete ignorance about this sort of thing, how hard would it be to write a mildly complex enemy AI system using TNT BASIC's language? Would it slow down the game much? Any tips anyone could give me?

01-06-2002 08:48

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> mildly complex enemy AI

Give and example of one?

01-08-2002 22:58

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I was thinking along the lines of a pathfinding system, maybe something that had the capability of playing a game strategically (sort of like an extremely simplified version of Starcraft).

01-10-2002 18:09

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Yes I think TNT is fast enough to do that.
Note that it is a matter of scale...
So the more people troops in the world
the slower it will go...Which means you
might want to optimize things like having
troops find the path where they are going and record
it is some way so that they are not constanty doing path searches... instead only at certain events.

And easy way to test the speed issues would be to right a simple test app... it could be a bunch of loops
and some if then statments...
nothing fancy or even useful for that matter.
But it would give you a good idea of how much slow
down you will see with what kind and amount of code

01-10-2002 22:40

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There are two parts to an AI in a game like you mentioned. One part handles movement of characters. For this, you want to study "pathfinding" algorithms. Try "A*". The other AA has to do with strategy and asset manament. I would recommend the book "RTS...". Although it is for DirectX and C/C++, you could probably learn a lot.

iDevGames has an author working on a Mac C A* turorial for the future.


Carlos Camacho

01-11-2002 21:29

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thanks for the advice, i'll go check that out

speed may not be too much of an issue, i'm envisioning at least 10-20 people on the screen maximum, one person being controlled by the player (two if I implement multiplayer)

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