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Arbitrarily-shaped tiles?
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01-04-2002 22:53

Posted by:
Space Lemur

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Is it possible to create side-scrolling, gently rolling hills with tiles?

01-05-2002 04:40

Posted by:

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Yeah sure...
and it can be seem less and perfect.
Look at some of the best old SNES roms
and you will see what I mean.

01-05-2002 06:35

Posted by:
Space Lemur

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You read my mind!
Ever since I downloaded TNT Basic I've been downloading old ROMs like mad, trying to figure out the neatest features of my old favs so I could use them in my own creation. The only trouble is I can't program worth a hoot yet!

01-05-2002 19:01

Posted by:

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Off the top of my head...
Look at Super Metriod
and Crono trigger.

Mail me off list of you want some...

Also another GOOD reason to use tiles is that you can animate them... like water etc... and that would not be practicle to animate them if it was one giant background picture.

Also using tiles will make your final game smaller
if you distribute it on the net.

I can't preach the use of tiles enough.

Also when I say tiles .... drawing sprites in TNT repeatedly might have the same effect.
In Project Magellan I have lost of irregular shaped sprites that I draw in layers from back to front every frame. But basically it is a tiled game with irregular shaped tiles.

I think using tiles will probably give you more flexibility in
making a game since it be easier to change levels and
faster to edit graphics then say big rendered pictures.

Also it is always a GOOD idea to copy ideas of how games were made on SNES... look at the best games
that what you need to copy from. Don't think as a beginning game desighner your going to be able to improve on proven FUN game concepts.....
Lots of neat ideas do not translate into FUN.

You should concnetrate of FUN above all other aspects of you game design. It will take it much further then art, music or 3D grphics will...

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