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01-03-2002 12:05

Posted by:
Nikolaus Buettner

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Hello to all of you at TNT;

I downloaded (loaded down?!) TNTB some days ago and gained a very favourable impression indeed, although I have to admit that I am not an ambitioned games programmer and my programlets probably are no real challenge in terms of gaming speed and graphics throughput. I usually just play around with animated graphics (or graphs) and sometimes sound to go with it, and my endeavours to actually learn any serious programming language (you know what I mean) never really get off the ground. Even the friendly ones like Python are so overwhelming in their complexity and ability to answer questions I would never, never even dream of asking, that I usually fall back on my more than 20 year old rudiments of Commodore BASIC (long before the C64). (Chipmunk Basic has a nice feel to it ...) But I would not mind at all some sort of IDE where you have it all in one box, so to speak, and not have to constantly switch between BBEdit Lite, CB, ResEdit, getting those >this file is already open from another application< - errors. Which is where TNT Basic promises very much to come in, and I shall not hesitate one minute to pay my fee once it turns out to be right for my purposes. My wishlist includes two-and-a-half items: I would like to be able to set the code editor font/size/colour coding, because I think there are other monospace fonts easier on the eyes than Courier (and the average iMac display can be ever so slightly blurry), and using more or less primary colours for syntax highlighting is tough on the eyes as well. So that's why. (This counts for one-and-a-half wish, now for item two:) I want pitch control for audio resource playback, so I can actually compute - well - melodies and such, without having to provide a separate resource for every possible note (which would be quite cumbersome and a severe limitation). And that's it for now - bye, Niko

01-03-2002 22:30

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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Hi Niko,

I'm glad you like TNT Basic!

Customisable fonts/colours should be a fairly minor addition to TNT Basic's IDE, we'll get that implemented in the near future (although probably not for the next release - sorry).

Pitch controls for sound playback is also a very good idea, I'll add that to our (huge!) to-do list.

Thanks and enjoy TNT Basic!


01-16-2002 16:21

Posted by:

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I like the program as it is, but I would like to see the Editor font made a little bigger. It's pretty small on my 1024x768 res screen. I like Monaco if you could use that instead. Though Courier doesn't bother me. Just the font size.

You should post the (HUGE) To Do list on the site so we can see what suggestions you've been taking. Then we can stop asking for them. ;-)

Also, maybe a Splitter (Bar down the middle that allows you to view two places in the code window at the same time.) in the Code window? Like in AppleWorks or Word or all programming environments I've seen till now.

Other than that, the actual programming environment is perfect. I like the all in one window approach.

01-19-2002 10:55

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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To do list

Putting it online seems like a good idea, we'll put it on our to do list :)


01-19-2002 20:11

Posted by:

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So, you're gonna put putting your to do list online on your to do list.

That's pretty funny.

But it would be nice.

Can't wait for future versions too!

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