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12-28-2001 13:12

Posted by:
mark evens

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Hello, I'd just like to say I think TNT Basic is a very well done piece of software. I really appreciate the accessabilty it grants to users with prior programming knowledge while staying simple enough to be a good starter language. There is room for improvement, no question, but what's there is still very useable as far as putting together a great 2d game.

I'm not going to drill you on every aspect of the ide and expect a novel on it, i'm just going to list a few constructive suggestions for improvement;

1. Importing of mp3s that have a different creator than quicktime.

2. Possibly turning it into either 1 or 3 applications; TNT Basic, Hieroglyph, Genesis or all in TNT Basic. This is just due to memory issues, but it'd be nice to have everything in one application aswell.

Thats basically it.

I really think that its what you do with something that makes for a good creation, not the other way around.

12-29-2001 00:13

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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Hi Mark,

Thanks for your comments.

1. As far as I know, mp3 importing works no matter what the creator code is, as long as the file type is one of a recognised few that are known as mp3 files.

If it doesn't work for a specific mp3 file, it must have a different file type. But, I suppose what we should do there is look at the file extension instead, assuming the file has the standard .mp3 extension!

2. As for merging Genesis, Hieroglyph and TNT Basic into one application, we won't be going that route. The modularity gives us easier maintenance, and under OS X the memory issue goes away as memory is only allocated as it's needed.

As for 3 applications, this boils down to a request to have genesis as a standalone editor, correct? If there's a lot of demand for this we'll look into it.

Enjoy TNT Basic!


02-17-2002 02:01

Posted by:
James Rhodes

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i second that!

I agree that it should be a separate app... If you are not using it at the time and are doing some coding, all necessary resources are put into the front app. Makes sense if you are going to keep the package modularised. Great idea!

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