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Damage calculation
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07-02-2003 22:15

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Does anyone know a common way that RPGs calculate damage knowing the attack power and defense?

07-02-2003 22:58

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you could always hunt down one of those D&D sites, they probably have a basic primer on play rules and such.

my common understanding is that damage is measured by subtracting major resistances, like natural resistance, chemical, fire, cold, magic(which is pure damage, all stats/items save magic resistance are negated )

another is saving throws(i have a foggy iunderstanding on this)

another is measuring a special statistic against the enemies special stat(which can have a starting value, and can be incremented at the point of conflict), whomever has the higher stat..inflicts damage this turn. The difference between the two is then multiplied by ( damage stat of the advantage holder) or by a value rolled at that time.

you initially have a special stat value of 4, you roll an additional 1 for this turn
the opponent has an initial value of 1, and rolls an aditional 7 for this turn.
you have 5, the opponent has an're going to incur damage.
the opponent rolls a 6, this is then multpilied by the difference between your current
stats, 3.
the opponent strikes you for 18hp.
the opponents damage type(ice) is taken into account and your resistances(50%) are deducted forom the raw damage to give you the net damage(9hp) you will incur.

blah blah there's more but its something to this accord...good luck.

07-03-2003 00:39

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Venice, ITALY!

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why should you stick to what others do? I mean, keep it simple: something like damage=attackStrength-defenseStrength, with the probability of being hit depending on attackSkill and defendingSkill or something like this...

07-03-2003 05:36

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Thanks, I found some source code and it was just like what matteo said but the defense was divided by two before it was subtracted from the damage.

I also found a lot of combat systems for D&D-type games where dice are rolled.

The reason why I wanted to know how others did it is because then I could make it reasonable...didn't want an increase in 5 defense to cut damage in half or anything.

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