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Getting a sprite to shoot
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06-29-2003 10:13

Posted by:

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How do I get a sprite to shoot adding to the code I already have? say if the bullet was in sprite bank 129

graphics mode 800,600 'sets graphics mode

int x,y

set pen colour green 'sets background colour
fill rect 0,0 to 800,600

while not mouse button
hide mouse

load images 128 'loads images
sprite 128,x,y,0 'sets position of sprite
draw frame

if pressed (124) 'input
else if pressed (125)
else if pressed (123)
else if pressed (126)
draw frame
end if 'end input

draw frame


06-29-2003 15:50

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Ooh, dear! You'll never make a game with just that, oh well to get you started, have a look at the post:

Hope this helps,

06-30-2003 05:15

Posted by:

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Ooh, dear! You'll never make a game with just that

thanks for the encouragement.

still a bit hard to comprehend, but I'm working on it.

06-30-2003 14:33

Posted by:

Quebec ( Canada )

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It's always difficult in programmation to start. I remember the first game I created in Game Maker... I worked 45 minutes to debugg a script that would play a sound every 15 seconds :) The best tip is: don't try to do more than you are able to and take another's code, and put comments on everyline, this helps a lot in comprehending how a code is made.

07-03-2003 05:54

Posted by:

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Also, just as a part of good programming you should always assign a value to any integers you declare, for instance:

int x,y

x = 0
y = 0

Or else you may end up getting a int you declared, but because you never specified a number, the computer will do it for you. Occasionally, it will assign it something other than 0, which can cause significant problems.

07-03-2003 07:29

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you can also initialize the variable with a value when you declare it

int x=0

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