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04-04-2003 02:52

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I am very new to TNT and Real Basic, and was wondering if there were any good tutorials around. I'm talking about the kind that you can learn the basics in, and it uses the tools of TNT. The "games in 60 sec" don't use a lot of TNT's functions. For ex. they don't use the graphics ,sounds or music in there tutorials.


If it helps I'm confused on how to make an object move a certain direction w/ a certain speed, and other basic stuff.

04-04-2003 09:57

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Try the following link:

Tnis has some useful information for beginners like yourself(no offense). :-) Also, please look through the examples provided in the download, follow the coding annotations and it's not as difficult as it looks.

Hope this helps,

04-04-2003 10:45

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Venice, ITALY!

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be sure to read the game tutorials in 60 minutes (not in 60 seconds!), they are really great; then use the very nicely done integrated help. You should understand the most important control is "sprite ID,x,y,image", that you can call every frame. keeping x and y as variables you can operate with them every loop to change the position of the sprite.

04-04-2003 15:02

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look around in tnt basics help menu, it was a lot of help for me.

to move a sprite a certian distance at a certian speed, try using the "move sprite" command. hereis the sintax: "move sprite" "sprite id", "x distance", "y distance", "speed"

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