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Size limit?
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12-15-2001 11:55

Posted by:

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Is there a limit to how big a program can be? I tried to import an mp3 and some graphics and it said "Unexcpected end of file" I know it's not an error with the file because i made a new program and it imported fine.

12-18-2001 20:18

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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Project File Limits

I've been looking into this some more and there is indeed a limit, although it is not imposed by Hieroglyph, but by the Macintosh file system.

Basically, our project files are resource files and resource files are limited to be less than 16Mb by HFS/HFS+, and can also have no more than 2727 individual resources.

A future version of TNT Basic will remove these limits by moving to a different file format, however for the time being you will have to keep your projects smaller than 16Mb. Sorry!

One way to assist in this is to compress graphics into JPEG or some other format before importing them into your project. Hieroglyph will preserve the settings, ensuring your graphics are as small as possible. The main cause of project file swelling will be MP3s however, you could try using MODs instead, or use fewer MP3s.

The 16Mb limitation will be eliminated by a future version of TNT Basic.

Thanks for you interest!

12-20-2001 16:35

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Oh ok. I'll be very eargerly awaiting the new version, i'm sure you guys are adding a lot of new features to make TNT Basic an even more amazing program than it is.

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