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03-17-2003 17:14

Posted by:

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does tnt basic support input into a variable? it is such a simple thing to do but i can't figure it out. just to clarify what i mean i'll give some qbasic code:

dim name as string ' declare name as string

print "what is your name?" ' prompt user for name

input name ' input users response
' into name

print "hello "; name 'prints hello and the
'users name

03-17-2003 17:48

Posted by:
No Frills

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Input commands


if you look in the 'feedback' section, you'll note I asked pretty much the same question.

Sadly, at the minute there are no 'input' or getchar(x) type commands - you have to check for each keypress seperately. And to complicate matters - each contries keyboards (ie French, German etc) will give different codes, as the keys are in different places.

From what I can gather, Input support IS going to be added to TNT - but it's best to ask either Mark, or John-T-Birch, about timescales etc.

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