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Directory Traversing
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01-27-2003 22:07

Posted by:
No Frills

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I'm fairly new to TNT having been a long time METAL user.

What I'm looking for, if it can be done with TNT, is code to traverse through a disk from a 'given' directory.

It should look inside every subdirectory, and if directorys exist inside sub-directorys exist inside others, look in there also.

Then the code needs to store the directory names, and filenames inside an array.

I believe it's called Traversing.

01-28-2003 22:41

Posted by:

Quebec ( Canada )

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Unless I missed a function ( and I don't think so ) you cannot do it with the code, but you can ask the user to do it for you by using AskOpenFile.

01-29-2003 23:01

Posted by:
Mark Tully

TNT HQ, England

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Not currently

There is no way to do this in TNT Basic at the moment I'm afraid, you can only open files that you either know the name of, or files that are selected by the user with the 'ask open file' command.

Do you need traversing commands?


01-30-2003 12:03

Posted by:
No Frills

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well.... I had a nice little MP3/music player that I'd written in METAL basic.

What I was hoping to do was have it 'hunt' from a user defined directory for MP3's - so if the user gave it MP3 in the user/music directory it would then have to traverse down inside MP3 to get all the artists and album directorys etc.

It would also be handy for image viewing programs etc, so you could write a program to display every JPG/GIF they come across.

01-30-2003 17:06

Posted by:

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Are you aware that TNT tacks on 2.4/.5 mb to every application
(it directly rolls the runtime/ the actual TNTBasic app into the file)?

Granted this shrinks down to about 700-800k using DropStuff v6.5 or higher, but still.

With that feature i imagine you could create some really flashy apps.

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