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Set Image Collision
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12-13-2001 15:16

Posted by:

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I'm having trouble using this command - no matter what values I give it, the syntax checker always treats it like an error, and I can't figure out why.
For example, if I enter

Set Image Collision false,200,0,imagebankID

it will say that there is an unexpected comma after the 200. I have tried many combinations of values and parameters (including putting the parameters in parenthesis) I can think of and it still gives various errors. What am I doing wrong?

12-13-2001 17:58

Posted by:
Tony Rose

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Me to....

Same problem with the code ....
set image collision true,255,006

12-13-2001 23:33

Posted by:

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Am I very lost here?(Its 3 AM here, and I'm tired) I didn't use that programming in my games(tests)...

12-14-2001 02:08

Posted by:
Tony Rose

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In the TNT Basic Guide it says the format for setting image collisions on for a sprite is in the format me and Jim stated above. Yet this doesnt seem to work...

12-14-2001 10:32

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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Ooops.. (again!)

Sorry, that's a bug. The user guide is correct and your code is correct, but TNT Basic isn't doing as it's told. We've fixed that one now, we'll have an update out shortly.

In the meantime, if the images are not being built on the fly, you can access the functionality of "set image collisions" through the image info palette of the image bank editor.

Thanks for your patience,


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