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looking to trade Graphic work for physics coding...
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01-22-2003 22:28

Posted by:

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Hey all...

It is becoming more and more apparent that I, with my high-school algebra level education, just can not do the physics coding the way I need it done.

So, with this conclusion in mind, I have come up with a "barter system" idea. The thing I do (and do really well) is graphics. So therefore, I am looking for someone who would be willing to work on a trade-only basis, swapping our experience to help one another out:

What I can offer:
I am a 12-year veteran of the graphic design field, working with anything from flat design to 3D work. I have won national awards for my design work with a major advertising firm. I design logos, icons, terrains, backgrounds, etc. The work that I am willing to do is only limited by your imagination: I can design/conceptualize splash screens, screen saver images, game graphics, desktops, sprites, etc. I can offer dedication to the project, working via phone, e-mail and messenger to get the project completed within your deadline.

What I need from you:
High-level experience, coding physics in TNT Basic. I am looking for complex collision physics, including Static-Dynamic collision, and Dynamic-Dynamic collision - not just straight-on reverse velocity (that looks hokey, and I can do that) - I need precision, realistic gravity and collisions between multiple spherical sprites and walls, and the reactional collisions that are caused from that. (Imagine coding a billiards game - I need that kind of precision... the kind that would allow a player to make a "bank shot" for example, by hitting another ball off-center, and having the angles and reactions be 'real world' correct.) Included needs will be a variable velocity, variable friction, and variable gravity (all these items will need to be available for alteration, depending on the game level/preferences.) Code MUST BE VERY CLEAR AND CONCISE... I need definitive callouts, notations and tags. I need your dedication to the project, working via phone, e-mail and messenger to get the project completed within my deadline.

The result:
The two of us both get killer games to release to the world! I would fully expect that we will credit each other in the games, respectively, within the "About" or "Credits" section. I will also need you to sign (and I will do the same) a confidentiality agreement, that neither of us will talk about the other person's project to ANYONE, until it has been publicly released.

If you have the abilities I am looking for, and are in need of what I have to offer, please contact me via e-mail.



02-05-2003 00:53

Posted by:

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Hi - I left this for a while to see if anyone else responded first.

Email me on and we'll see what we can work out.


03-17-2003 22:27

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start over

if you have problems with physics then try redesigning your game. if your too ambitious you will never finish. come up with a simple and elegant game design that you could realistically do. your game will probably be better for it anyway.

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