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12-13-2001 09:22

Posted by:
Carlos Camacho

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Carlos here from iDevGames. I am very busy with a lot of work on but when I get a break, I will play with TNT Basic. From what I saw, you are heading in the right direction. With tools such as yours, we can help bring more people to Mac game programming. Once we do, they can make more games. In turn, someday maybe some will move on to A+ games.

I read the long thread (something like a 20 round boxing match) with Chris D doing most of the punching. Watch out for that rascal. (I mean that in the best way ;-) )

I always felt that the more tools we have, the better, and Chris also feels the same. FYI: That thread failed to mention:

MG2E but I'm going to call the English version something else once I finish with the docs. (When? Who knows?)

AMOS-people have promised a Mac product for some time. I'm not holding my breath.

I think we will be seeing many TNT Basic games in uDevGame 2002. 8-)

Anyhow, as Chris D said, if you would like to move your forum to iDevGame, I'm fine. The advantage as Chris pointed out is that you will get cross-traffic.

Last comment from a designer viewpoint. I think that logo is a Metal can with a wick on top. You need some sticks of TNT. I'll work on some for ya. I also recommend the included game be a remake of "KaBoom" but rather than round balls, make him drop TNT sticks. Good tie-in.


Carlos Camacho

12-13-2001 12:02

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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Thanks for your comments Carlos!

I've not heard of MG2E, is that the Japanese game creator you mentioned a few weeks ago? I'm familiar with METAL though.

I'm going to look at our choices for upgrading this forum shortly, just after we get 1.01 out which won't be too long now. Our options are to upgrade this forum to the full vbulletin software (which is very good) or to move to iDevGames (getting the cross traffic as you said).

As for the icon, a better one would be most welcome! The icon looks a little ratty under OS 9, but it looks awesome under OS X. Anyway, we won't turn down a better one!

What's KaBoom? Sounds like it could be a bomber man clone or something?



12-13-2001 13:52

Posted by:
Heiko Hartmann

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Maybe he means that old (VERY old) Activisopn title for the Atari VCS. This game had a burglar dropping bombs which must be catched on the bottom half of the screen by the player.

Should be relatively easy to implement though (don't forget to use analog input devices)...

12-28-2001 01:07

Posted by:
Carlos Camacho

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In a month or so, we plan to move iDevGames to a new server. You can run your forum there, and also move your there as well. Since you are making a tool that does something I really believe in, I want to support you as much as possible.

yes, the game Kaboom was an Atari classic and should be do-able in your system.

I will work on some icons for you.

Once you get enough of a user-base, I would like to support a game programming contest with TNT. A kind of uDevGames.

Keep me posted on all updates.


p.s. We should so an interview with you team once you get another update under your belt that can help to get more people to know TNT Basic.

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