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01-10-2003 09:21

Posted by:
Danlab games

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someone got a probleme with TNT and Quicktime 6.1 update ?

01-10-2003 18:56

Posted by:

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Ah yes... Screen switching

Yes... there seems to be a problem with switching screens when Quicktime 6.1 is installed. The following is taken from

F1 2000 game Problems after QT 6.1 Update (Beta F1 Update fixes this) - (Updated again) The reader that first reported this problem sent an email with comments on a beta F1 fix:

" FYI I e-mailed Feral as well. The developer of the port, Zonics, gave me a link to a private beta which fixed the problem with QT6.1.
Apparently, QT6.1 broke other games as well. They asked me not to spread the beta around, because they were still testing it, but I'd imagine the release must be pretty imminent, otherwise alot of people will be finding F1 2000 unplayable - rather difficult to drive without picture!
BTW I also tried Medal of Honor with QT6.1 - it worked fine.
Christopher O. "

(Previous comments follow)
Two reader's have commented on problems with F1 after installing the QT 6.1 update noted yesterday. (The 2nd report notes it runs in a window, but not full screen)

"I bought F1 2000 a few days ago and installed it - it worked fine on my PowerMac MDD 867DP with a 19" Philips CRT and Radeon 9000.
This morning, I installed the Quicktime 6.1 update. Now, when I run F1 2000, the screen flashes (indicating a change of resolution) then goes black. I still get the music, and I can see a pointer and/or spinning beachball, but other than that there is no picture whatsoever. Cmd-Q still works, bringing me back to my original resolution.
Christopher O.

Another reader noted the same problem with F1/QT 6.1 in the forums here:

" I am unable to play F1 after updating to Quicktime 6.1. When I launch the game, the screen stays black. I can hear music in the background, so I know the game launched. When I go into the config.ini file and change the window mode to 1 it runs fine in a window.
Anyone else having any problems since updating QT? I have not idea why (or if) the QT update should have this effect, but it was running perfectly an hour before updating, and I have not done any other updates, or added any additional software. System is QS933, stock GeForce4MX, 512mb ram.
-Rook "

So - this seems to be a problem for other software as well. Hopefully we will get a fix soon.

Ciao, Heiko.

01-10-2003 23:13

Posted by:
Danlab games

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this mails confirme the probleme

I have the game Twins the latest version. When I double click on the icon
to load the game. It starts and changes the screen to black. Then opens a small window which mentions something about a timer. That small box closes and then nothing else loads!! I'm then forced to quit to get out.

I don't know what happened or what to do about it? Please help!!

Since I have updated to 10.2.3, all I get is a black screen when I try to boot up Creepy Mines.

I can eventually get the computer to Force Quit, but even deleting the Preference files doesn?t correct the problem.

Yes, I just updated to Quicktime 6.1. I have been on vacation and hadn't run
Creepy Mines for almost a month. Do you still want the ASP?

Thanks for the FAST reply


My screen goes black every time I click on the Froggy icon.
Any suggestions?
I'm using MacOS version 10.2.3

Rob Bell

snif snif

01-12-2003 00:39

Posted by:
Mark Tully

TNT HQ, England

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QT 6.1

I'm looking into this and will try to resolve it as soon as possible, any further information any of you can offer would be appreciated!



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