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Hardware Acceleration
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12-05-2001 16:20

Posted by:

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I wonder if TNT Basic has (or will have in the future) the option of using hardware acceleration for the graphics. When programming in Cocoa all the drawing commands are accelerated, so maybe a future Cocoa version... :)

Also, maybe it's a bit too much to ask, but opengl support would be SOOOOOO nice :) Then you could use it for the 3d/2d graphics and still have all the other TNT goodies like sound, music, input support...

12-05-2001 17:42

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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TNT Basic already makes use of hardware acceleration when blitting the graphics to the screen. We might be able to speed graphics up even further yet, we're definitely going to look into that.

OpenGL support remains a distant possibility, I'd really like for TNT Basic to be able to support 3D, and as you point out, it could also be used for 2D. However, before we move to 3D we want TNT Basic's engine running a lot faster, once we've optimised it, it should be powerful enough to run a 3D game. Don't hold your breath though!

As for Cocoa, there's nothing that can be done in Cocoa that can't be done from Carbon, which is a relief because I don't fancy writing TNT Basic and Hieroglyph all over again! ;)

Thanks for the interest!

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