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can't see red
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11-13-2002 09:28

Posted by:

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hi there, I've got a minor problem when running TNT games I write... I can't see the colour red. all other colours are fine.

my computer is a powerbook 500 running 10.2.1 at the time.. I just updated to 10.2.2 today and still same prob.

I assume this is not common as someone would have noticed by now :)

I'm not doing anythng special, just the tron tutorial.

if I change the colour to white, I can see it, cos I thought it was a problem with the code at first :)

any ideas?

11-13-2002 22:45

Posted by:

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I think the reason more people aren't reporting this bug, is because mose others users are working with Sprites, and not the drawing functions.

I have the same problem, I was working on adding a load of extra features into the Tron tutorial. However when I upgraded to the newest version of TNT, I can't see any red. This really screws up my collision detection and AI routines.

I posted a related story in the thread "Seemingly Random Color Problems", or something like that. To get your colors working, you have to stop using the built in "red" command.

Here is an example.


int newRed

newRed = set green component (NewColor,0)
newRed = set red component (NewColor,255)
newRed = set blue component (NewColor,0)


You can name the integer "newRed" anything you want. Now instead of typing in Red when you want to use a color, just type in "newRed" (or whatever you name it). Hope that helps you until a patch is released.

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