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11-08-2002 03:39

Posted by:
Holmes Futrell

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Okay, so I've spent about 3 months working hard with TNT basic on my game Raptor. Overall, my TNT experience has been positive, but there's a few bugs in TNT basic that have hindered me, and I'd like to bring them up now:

1. The ultimate evil bug: If you initially have the viewport offset as anything but 0, the first screen on the map will not draw correctly. It took me a long time to figure out, but once I did I fixed it by secretly scrolling from viewport offset=0 to where it should be when the screen was faded down. This works, but it does cause my game to, as one user described, "hang" between levels.

2. Another ultimate evil bug: The dreaded 16MB limit. I know you guys are working on this, but I'd just like you to know its near the top of my wish list.

3. A very evil bug: Input in my game would NOT work on G4 towers. This left tower owners completely unable to play. I'm pretty sure of the correlation too. One user tried it on his tower and couldn't play, but the game worked fine on his old and new G4 iMac.

4. Sometimes the correct map wouldn't load in my game. Everything else works find, like the title will SAY its on the correct level, and it will play the music that is assigned to the level its supposed to be on, but the actual level it has loaded will be wrong. Sometimes the game would actually load the same level over and over and claim that the player was progressing from level to level. I'm sure this isn't my fault because of the following lines of code:

Load map inlevel
Load music musicfile[inlevel]

When the game loads the wrong level, it still plays the correct music file from the variable music index.

5. The disable break command: It just never worked for me. I put it at the top of my program, yet the escape key still breaks out of the program. Its annoying because I'm shooting for a proffesional looking game.

6. From the few reports that I've gotten from Geforce owners, it seems that my game runs slow (about 5x slower than it should) on Geforce cards.

7. Less serious bug: Mouse doesn't reapear. Two users reported that the mouse disapeared and didn't show back up for the main menu. This isn't a biggy, but if you can, look into it.

Just so you know, my game is running in Hardware mode and I am designing it on a 667mhz Powerbook G4.

P.S. Yikes, the power just went out! Bad weather over here in nothern California. Good thing I'm on my powerbook :D

11-08-2002 22:12

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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OK, we'll start looking into these, has anybody else experienced anything similar?


11-09-2002 00:42

Posted by:

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Nevermind about the G4 towers causing the input not to work. I just got an Email from a Powerbook user running Jaguar that the input didn't work either. Its weird, it seems completely random.

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