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super GIANT sprite troubles...
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11-07-2002 05:58

Posted by:

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i have a super giant sprite (over 1200 x 500)
yes, it's a "boss" of course. ;-)

but it's coming up as just a white block
on the screen (im in hardware mode, btw)

is there any limitations to the maximum size
a sprite can be>


11-07-2002 09:19

Posted by:
John Treece-Birch

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Sprite Sizes

It could be that you have exceeded the maximum texture size.

Don't ask me to explain why but texture sizes in OpenGL have to be stored as powers of 2 (2,4,8,16,32...). So your sprite will be stored as 2048x512.

This is pretty big and will use up a lot of video memory so it could be that your computer does not have enough space to store it.

You could half the size of the texture by shrinking it to 1024 or under.


11-20-2002 23:35

Posted by:

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Thanks! That helped solve it.

Thanks! That helped solve it.

After reducing my boss size to %75,
(from HUGE to just BIG) it worked!

An interesting note:

My OSX 10.2 running iBook had weirdo "scrambled pixels"
instead of white blocks when it ran out of memory...

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