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Beta test my game, Raptor
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10-28-2002 05:03

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Hey, I've worked since late september on my game. I started just a few days after diving into TNT basic, and I have to say that TNT rocks. I formed a group with a few friends, and got one to do the music for my game, and one to help with maps. The end result is quickly becoming the best game I've personally ever made. I'm releasing it in a week. The game is done, except in terms of levels and bugs. There still are 13 levels, however, so you should get a good hour of gameplay out of it. I invite everyone here to beta test. I put myself on a strict deadline, and now feedback about bugs is crucial.

The game is called Raptor, though I may have to change it due to legal issues. It is a top down scrolling arcade style plane game. It runs in hardware mode, and theres lots of sprites so it requires a pretty fast computer to run in OSX (it was designed on a 667mhz powerbook G4). OS9 runs faster though.

Here's the link to download:

He'res a link to screenshots:

P.S. If anyone knows anything about copyrights (like how to check if I can legally call my game Raptor), copyrighting (like how I can make sure people don't take credit for my work or something), or any of that stuff, please contact me. I've never done anything like this before so I'm ab it worried about it.

10-28-2002 17:15

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This game looks well done ;-)
The art is really nice

You might just call it "Raptor X-30" or something.
(is that the type of plane that youre flying?)

The word "Raptor" existed before Jurasic park popularized it -
often used to refer to birds of prey, i think...
yet there are likely to be other games out there called Raptor...

10-28-2002 19:31

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Circular 7d, filing with the Library of Congress

THere are several methods to copyright, technically when you publish your work it is automatically protected under law, however it is best to either:

obtain a registered copyright, $30 you have to include your source or best version of a compiled app on disc

or my favorite, submit a copy of your work on CD/disk on record with the library of Congress, this puts your work on file and gives it an indisputable record of creation date and title

this is a free service, but since you have created a significant work I would suggest just going ahead and registering/paying the man his $30.00. The registered copyright has more benefits and holds more weight in legal proceedings.

10-28-2002 20:28

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I like the idea of sending the disc to the library of congress. I'll be sending discs to various places anyway. The game is free and had no budget, so I don't like the idea of paying money to get it copyrighted. Plus since its free anyway, its not so important to copyright.

Now what I need to know pertains to trademarks I guess. How do I find out what I can and cannot call my game?

By the way, I have the beta on Macgamefiles and now. I'm nearing 200 downloads in only a few hours. Viva la internet!

10-28-2002 21:17

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Bring the Raptor Front and Central

Would you mind posting an announcement on --->TNT Central Forum

I was going to just post it myself but i don't want to steal your thunder...jut in case you had anything specific to say.

As for the TradeMark i am unfamiliar with what you can and cannot call your game, and/or how to asess a databank of taken names, a safe bet is always to vary the spelling. I cannot recall all of the names of the Jurassic Park line of games(your likely source of conflict) however a majority of them were preceded with the prefix "Jurassic Park:"

a quick way to check against names is to jump on a site likeEBGames, or FuncoLand and search for Raptor, do the same with major download sites as well. ZDNet,,versionTracker,etc.

But since this is a freeWare game its unlikely that you will recieve much fuss, also to site the fact that your game is named after a species of animal

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