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10-05-2002 21:03

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Okay, so I've been working on my game for over two months now. Things are coming along great and I've become a big fan of TNT basic. The game is almost done, but here's the BIG PROBLEM:

Everytime my heiroglyph file gets near 15MB, I get these damn end of file errors. I started compressing my graphics as .jpg's and .gifs and the like to get around this, but I''ve gotten to the point where I just can't compress anymore without losing quality. Its also making it difficult to work, once I couldn't save the code of the program because of an end of file error. I ended up having to lose a bit of work, go into the graphics and delete some files, then go back and recode.

Is there any way to get around these end of file errors? Does it have something to do with the amount of RAM Heiroglyph is using? Are you going to release a fix soon? Help!

10-11-2002 08:40

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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This is a limitation of the file format that TNT Basic/Hieroglyph uses currently. Basically, TNT Basic uses the Mac's 'resource file' format to store it's resources. This format was chosen because it was well supported, could be edited by editors other than Hieroglyph if needed (eg ResEdit can edit tb files), and could be merged into the application to create a single standalone game with no external files.

However, after TNT Basic had been about for a good few months, we began to receive bug reports about people not being able to add mp3s or other large resources. After much searching on Apple's developer web site, I found a small note saying that although the HFS+ file system supported an arbitary number of forks per file, and each fork could be up to 2Gb in size, the resource fork was artificially limited to 16Mb for compatibility with HFS file systems.

So basically, we're not imposing the limit, the file system is. The only way around it will be to move to a different file format, which will involve big changes to both Hieroglyph and TNT Basic, but is the only way we'll be able to support larger resources such as QuickTime movies.

The approach we're likely to take is to move to a project folder, where all the resources are stored as files. When the application is built, they will all be compressed into a single archive file. We've not got very far with this so far, but it is in progress.

Sorry about this!


10-13-2002 02:57

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Thank you for the detailed explanation. I'll be looking forward to the next version of TNT basic.

10-13-2002 10:41

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Yeah, having a 'data' folder in my game folder wouldn't bother me.

Another way would be to use the package contents but that could only be used in Mac OS X.

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