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Problem with Procedures
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09-16-2002 23:15

Posted by:

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when I call for and write a procedure in my game it returns with the syntax error- "Syntax error" and "expected an end proc statement" but it only does this if i have a variable or if statement in my procedure. here is an example of my code. I think it could be a bug in TNT Basic.

Procedure DoTitleScreen()
fade up
show mouse
open canvas 1,640,480
canvas 1
set pen colour black
Paint Canvas
load images 128
paste image 70,10,0,128
draw frame
copy canvas 1 to 0
close canvas 1
load images 129
new Button 0,180,400,0,1,2,129
new button 1,460,400,3,4,5,129
draw frame
int quit=false
int value=Poll Button Click
clear buttons
new Button 0,150,400,0,1,2,129
new button 1,490,400,3,4,5,129
new button 2,251,382.5,18,19,20,129
draw frame
wait button click
if button click = 0
if button click = 1
end if
int value=Poll Button Click
wait button click
if button click = 2
clear buttons
open canvas 3,640,480
canvas 3
text size 28
copy canvas 3 to 0
close canvas 3
wait mouse click
clear buttons
open canvas 5,640,480
canvas 5
Text Size 20
Text Face 1
draw text 100,100,"How many points to win?"
text size 15
draw text 330,160,"Ten"
draw Text 330,220,"Twenty-Five"
draw text 330,280,"Fifty"
draw text 330,340,"Unlimited"
copy canvas 5 to 0
close canvas 5
new button 3,280,140,6,7,8,129
new button 4,280,200,9,10,11,129
new button 5,280,260,12,13,14,129
new button 6,280,320,15,16,17,129
wait button click
clear buttons
fade up
clear buttons
open canvas 2,640,480
canvas 2
copy canvas 2 to 0
close canvas 2
end proc

09-16-2002 23:49

Posted by:

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I can't read your code without color or formatting, but I still have some ideas.

Verify you have as many closure statements as opening ones.


draw text X,Y,"hello <<<I haven't closen it

I often had problems like that.

TNT error reporting lacks expressive messages. For example, I forgot to close a parenthesis. TNT said "syntaxt error" on the while instead of saying the parenthesis was not closed.

Suggestion to Mark: TNT should count the number of closure statements and opening ones and tell you when it doesn't match.

09-17-2002 21:46

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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Hi there,

The problem with this code snippet is that there are not enough 'end if's. There are two if statements without closing end ifs.

Sorry TNT Basic couldn't give you a better error message! We'll try and improve it!


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