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Hardware sprite rotation
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09-16-2002 09:26

Posted by:

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I seem to be having trouble getting this to work. Could someone put up a quick bit of code to illustrate the best way to get it working. Also can you use floating point variables as the rotation angle or is the rotation angle only the difference from the last rotation made as opposed saying 180 is pointing south, 0 is pointing north and so on. Hope you can help, cheers!!

09-17-2002 02:10

Posted by:

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Here's some code:

graphics mode hardware 640,480

Load images 128

int rotatefactor

while not mouse button
set sprite rotation 0,rotatefactor
sprite 0,200,200,0
draw frame

You can use either float or int for the rotation, the rotation is always this number and not the difference between it and the last rotation. So yeah, 180 will be south, 0 north.

Happy coding!

09-18-2002 23:35

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Thanks for that. I had put the sprite bank as 128 initially instead of 0, changing it fixed the problem. Incidentally, do you find hardware mode offers you better speed? My rotation doesn't seem as smooth as when I had individual sprites for each part of the rotation.

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