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Procedure to Keep Score?
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08-28-2002 18:14

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I was wondering if any one hand any advice on how to make a scoring system for the Tron game. I am new t programming and need all the help i can get. Thanks alot!

08-29-2002 20:21

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Go to and download the highscore example...

08-30-2002 14:29

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thanks alot I will try it.

08-30-2002 14:59

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I looked at the high scores example but that isn't really what i am trying to add to my game. What I want is every time player 1 wins player 1 gets a certain number of points, same for player 2, and the score is kept o the screen while the game is being played. Thanks for the advice

09-08-2002 00:03

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Global/Canvas solution

aside from the whole file read and write bit of it

this is what you need to do, create a global variable, i'm assuming you'll want to use some sort of naming standard, incidentally there is a good example on structural coding at Basically Real; ahem
this is psuedo code, you should be able to sit down and implement this pretty quickly.

create a global like gScoreOne
open a new canvas and print the number there over and over again, after each game etc.
and create a constant, like kPrize, which would be a constant value, the constant amount of points awarded after each round of play

you'd have a subroutine like so:
sub pOneWin
gScoreOne= gScoreOne + kPrize
and print it to the canvas.
end sub

hen have in the main routine have it goSub pOneWin...

personally i'd probably put the other player's score in the same canvas just for keeping it organized but hey.

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