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Editor window placement bug
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12-10-2001 15:34

Posted by:
Chris D

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Ok I have not seen this menstioned but under os 9.x
on my power book when ever I run a game...
aka the run/edit debug cycle you normally
go through the rop f my editng windows gets moved up above the menu bar.

This makes TNT really annoying to even try and use at this point... TNT also moves my icons on my desktop...
Probably the same issue.

I don't think draw sprocket moves windows or icons...
Does rez lib call down to Draw Sprockets or the Display manager?

12-10-2001 15:42

Posted by:

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Me too

Yup, I have exactly the same bug on (by the sounds of it) exactly the same system. I've seen other games that use rezlib and they don't seem to have this problem.

It's quite irritating that the editor window gets shifted above the menu bar. Kinda makes debugging a hassle.

12-11-2001 00:27

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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I'll get the window shifting bug fixed for the next version - it is a bit annoying but it seems to be a bug in the display manager.... I can work around it though, no probs.

As for the icons thing, I'll check it out, I ran through the RezLib source code the other day and code for saving/restoring icons is definietely there. I'll look into why it's not working on your machine.

Thanks for reporting them!

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