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07-13-2002 14:22

Posted by:

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I am just starting to learn TNTbasic and need some help...I was looking at the source code for "Bang On!" and need some help.

What I was trying to figure out, was how to change the way the text appears on the screen. Instead of it appearing in rainbow colors I want it in one color and instead of bouncing (which appears messy and confusing) I want each line to fade in and out.

I was also wondering, how would you put a graphic on the screen the same way you would the text? For example, on the game over screen could you put a graphic (instead of the text) fade in, stay for a couple seconds and fade out?

Any sample code would help...thanks!

07-13-2002 18:36

Posted by:

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the bettter you can di is to start to work directlly on your home made cade and after include it in your game, because its more difficulte working on code made by another person..

For the fading effect you can use the fonction "set sprite transparency"

And for stop bouncing you can put a number instead for the y posision value like sprite 20,x,200,1

its better to start from 0

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