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06-09-2002 13:21

Posted by:

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folder paths just don't work

int fileId=Create File ("Folder:File","Type")
int fileId=Open File ("Folder:File",true,"Type")

delete files just don't work

delete file "File"

Sound works perfect on my g4 but error the first time and then works fine the second time round on my mates Rev A IMAC (yes the first and worst)

TNT Basic in OS X is slow on my G4 i reakon it would be cool to have to different apps for OS X and OS 9 so you can choose to run in classic mode when in osx

06-09-2002 13:24

Posted by:

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By the way the folder exist

I exhausted all the options

06-09-2002 18:39

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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File paths

I don't think we've implemented paths yet, it's on our todo list (as is a general update of our file handling).

We've got an update in the works, watch this space!

Thanks for your patience,


06-09-2002 18:44

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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Could you give me a bit more information on the sound problem?

Firstly, what OS are the two machines running?

Secondly, could it be memory related? Is there more memory on the G4 or iMac? Is virtual memory enabled etc... Can you detail exactly what you have to do to get sound to fail on each machine.

Thanks a lot!


06-09-2002 21:17

Posted by:
John Treece-Birch

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When specifying a file path in the TNT Basic you have to start it with a colon. Can you try adding a colon to the beginning and seeing if that fixes the problem?

I'm not sure why file deleting isn't working, I just tried it on my machine and it seemed fine. Can the file be deleted without problems using Finder?


06-12-2002 17:05

Posted by:

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ok the

rev a imac runs
os 9.1
os 10.04
128 mb ram(at least i think it might be more)

g4 runs
os 9.2
os 10.1.3
192 mb ram

yep putting the colon at the start fixed the deleting problem - that should be added to the manual

The sound error on the imac is
error something 128 resource not found
but it works the next time
know idea what it would do compiled

I'll be doing some speed tests on his imac soon (if it works on that the games not to gready) so i'll give you more info

by the way i really like the way you can add new sounds in sound edit 16 that rocks!!!!!!

06-12-2002 19:57

Posted by:
Mark Tully

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Couple of questions to try and track down your error:

Does the resource problem happen on OS X or just os 9?

Is virtual memory enabled on one machine, but not the other? (Only an issue on OS 9).

Is there more memory available when TNT Basic is ran on the G4, than when TNT Basic is ran on the iMac? (This is only an issue for OS 9).

Thanks a lot,


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