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05-09-2002 23:06

Posted by:
Mike Richardson

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The GameMakers' Garage, the definate place for news and info on GameMaker, Hypercard, SilverCreator, and more, is adding a new game creation program to their lineup: TNT Basic.

Now TNT Basic users can get their games in the GMG News, or reviewed at GMG Reviews, and get it listed at the GMG Downloads. We also have a Message Board where you can talk about TNT Basic and other game creators.

I hope TNT Basic users visit and enjoy our site. Don't forget to sign up at the message boards and submit your games to our Downloads area.

Visit the GameMakers' Garage at

05-12-2002 10:27

Posted by:
James Rhodes

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re: the use of PNG vs GIFs

I use the PNG format because it is newer, gives better quality pics overall and is FREE, unlike GIFs.

I don't want CompuServe coming down my a$$ to pay royalties for the use of their GIF format. So I would suggest you upgrade to one of the latest browsers, so you can see the PNG graphics.


05-17-2002 09:53

Posted by:

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I was just wondering James if you were speaking of using portable network graphics in a game or a website? I was confused by your post, I'll not claim to know if one has to pay royalties or not for utilizing a format in either, but would'nt png, gif, jpeg, pict, et cetera be different frome using something like TNT or REALbasic? So if I had a web site written in java, I'll not have to pay royalties to sun. Making a profit or not by said site.

Anyway if your speaking of web implementation I prefer to use gif because they can be animated, currently th eonly format capable of this to my knowledge.

:) thats my 2 cents with interest.

1st post cheers!!

05-20-2002 18:57

Posted by:
Jason Anderson

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Waitaminute. Since when does Compuserve make people pay ROYALTIES? I use Gif's ALL THE TIME.

I am confused.

05-23-2002 07:21

Posted by:

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Yes, Compuserve owns some patents in the GIF format. Little guys get to fly under their legal RADAR screen, but a company like Adobe must be paying some royalty for the use of their GIF import/export filter.

PNG, or TIFF are fine formats to use. Some people have even used TGA.


Carlos Camacho

07-01-2002 23:58

Posted by:
William F. Hostman

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.GIF Royalties

The settlement worked out to something very close to this:
an application which can write .GIF files: $0.25 per copy sold royalty to Compuserve.
Ones which can read and convert, same.
Ones which can only read: no charge if software under a certain price, small charge if not.
use of .gif files: no royalty.

not so much being "under the radar" as not being a developer...

It boils down to the rule of patents: you can patent an item, or a process. Since the .gif is not a single resultant item, it is a process. You can't patent protect the result of a process, only the process itself. (Normally, though, the end result is proof enough of use of the process...)

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