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Net Code Riddled With Bugs
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04-30-2002 04:20

Posted by:
Douglas O'Brien

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The Net Code has many bugs. Granted, a lot of it works. I have a working 8 player game over LAN.

-However, Send Net String doesn't work first off.

-Me and James Rhodes have done some testing over the interent and....

-When you run a hyroglif file, the Host Net Game command works. When you build that exact file, Host Net Game does NOT work. The command "Host Net Game" does not work in built TNT apps.

-James could join my games but for some reason I couldn't join his.

-When James joined my game, and I clicked start, it said "Waiting for James" on my machine and "Waiting for Douglas" on his. This didn't happen over LAN.

-The command "Set Network Registered" seems to crash OS X. Have not yet tested to see if it fixes interent problems on two OS 9 machines.

-And it would be nice if you can send messages while the is a "More Net Messages=True" There are some good structural reasons for this.

-Also a command to only send data to the host would be nice.

I know network programming is not you'lls super strong point so if this doesn't go anywhere, oh well, but it would be nice.

04-30-2002 09:21

Posted by:
John Treece-Birch

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Hi Douglas,

Send Net String is fixed and will be included in the next version.

I'll look into the fact that Host Net Game does not work in built apps and that Set Network Registered seems to crash OS X (it seems to work on my machine) and I'll see if I can get them fixed in the version.

Unfortunately, I don't think the other problems are our fault. Fortunately, there is a new version of the networking engine we use coming out soon so I'll see if that fixes any problems.

Thanks for the bug reports,

04-30-2002 15:02

Posted by:
Douglas O'Brien

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I just remebered I have OS X and I'll try a program with "Set Netwokr Registered" in it. Mabye is just crashes James Rhodes computer.

Hopefully the updated network libraries will be out soon.

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