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Stop request thing that are easy to program
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04-29-2002 15:37

Posted by:

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Most request are thing that should not be function

becouse they are
A: easy to program
B: useless

even though the programmers of tnt would ignore stupid requests

think a little people if you can do something ask how

I cant think of one thing that i couldn't program in tnt now (beyond the limit of basic)

04-30-2002 07:13

Posted by:
James Rhodes

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re: stupid requests

It is not stupid to want to have the ability to have functions pre-defined in TNT Basic. This is a basic part of any language in case you did not know. Functions can be created, yes, but for new users to master any language they have to be pre-defined.

Before you go spouting off on things think a little. The guys at TNT Software are working very hard to make this the best games programming package for the Mac. The introduction of MOAN speaks for itself and all the bug fixes with 1.03M1.

Everyone is suggesting things to make the program better than ever, and having pre-defined functions is very much needed.

04-30-2002 15:11

Posted by:
Douglas O'Brien

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Plus, part of the point of TNT is to cut through the more tedious stuff that you know you can do to get to the real stuff. It's simplicity is the awesome part.

And, this wouldn't be a problem in C, but in an interpreted language like TNT, less code in the program and more built-in routines would be much faster.

05-02-2002 16:13

Posted by:
The sittar player

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I only speak the truth...

James, I agree. Part of the beauty of TNT Basic is that it allows its users to give constructive feedback and to influence future features or improvements to the current package. However, some people do tend to ask for features that they may not necessarily need. And not everyone asks politely - remember that the makers of TNT Basic are not doing this to make a huge profit - they are trying to provide you with a tailor-made service, so have some respect when you ask for things and make reasonable requests.

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